Litura: Tethered to Fantasy, Anchored in Reality

Dazed and Confused
Not the Adventure You Wanted

A/N: Anything that is italicized is new or altered information for the campaign that everyone will now.


The InterMedia Expo is the crowning summer jewel in the city of Southwind and celebrates all things entertainment on a global scale for an entire week. International celebrities assemble in this mountainside metropolis to promote upcoming television series, movies, and video games while fans show their appreciation to the art form in styles of their own. This is truly an event that transcends all borders and a must-go at least once in a lifetime.

So when Jasmine not only scored tickets but also offered a place to stay, who could refuse?

Needless to say Shadow, Nick, Kenneth and Myriah joined Jasmine at the timeshare resort she had reserved for that week. Plans were in place, cosplays were fine-tuned and soon enough the week of madness arrived.

Day 1 (Morning)

After a night of good food, good drink, and a couple rounds of good old-fashioned Soul Calibur, the four awoke to find Jasmine absent. However a note was left behind:

"Gone to run some errands. Go ahead without me and enjoy yourselves!"

With the reassurance that their friend was a text message away, everyone took her message to heart and went onward to the convention in their cosplays. Finally after all the blood, sweat and tears put into these costumes, they got to show it off:

Shadow became the Red-Eyes Black Dragonborn.

Nick channeled his inner-Vegeta, more specifically from the Saiyan arc.

Kenneth and Myriah transformed into Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell.

All that hard work paid off with high praise from cosplayers and fans of the series alike and it felt like they were starting this convention on the right foot. They saw astounding cosplayers, engaged in some interesting discussion about upcoming films, and enjoyed some of the arcades (someone was getting a little too passionate with DDR though). The morning passed by in an awe-inspiring daze of magnificence, but a nagging thought nipped at the back of everyone's mind:

It was almost noon, and Jasmine had yet to contact them.

However before anyone could pursue the topic, an earthquake struck. The last thing anyone saw was this pulse of energy coming from somewhere, and then…


Day 1 (???)

When the quartet came to, they found themselves in the middle of the main hall, where all the merchandise booths were. Dried blood surrounded them, booths were overturned, displays were mangled, and there was not another living soul in sight. In fact, a lot of dead bodies littered the floor. Sad to say, that wasn't the strangest thing to happen.

Right off the bat Kenneth and Shadow became locked in combat, much to the confusion of Myriah and Nick. Tried as they might with their charisma (and beef jerky), the fight was inevitable. Blades were alchemically drawn, acid breath was spewed, and only Nick and Kenneth came out scathed.

After some convincing from Myriah, and one hell of a distraction from Nick, the fighting ceased. It seemed like Kenneth actually believed himself to be "Edward" and Shadow thought he was the "Red Eyes Black Dragon." No one had a clue about what happened, and even with the timely arrival of Jasmine in her own costume of the "Multiverse Trickster," it was of no help whatsoever. Soon almost everyone came to the conclusion it would be smarter to relocate and recuperate.

However on their way out, Flowey the Flower, tried to stop them. True to his idea of "kill or be killed," he caught the ragtag team in a surprise attack. Needless to say, Myriah, Nick and "REBD" really gave this bastard one hell of a death. Though Jasmine was the only one who actually suffered any serious damage, with a damaged visor and some injuries, no one came out harmed.

Carrying on with their goal, they trudged onward to the hotel. On the way, Kenneth returned to his sound mind but the same could not be said for Shadow. As a matter of fact, he seemed worse off than before with glowing ruby eyes and all that…

Despite initial fears, the party arrived safe and sound in their temporary home base, the Elysium Resort. Costumes were discarded, regular clothes took its place and all that was left to do is figure out what was going on and how to survive it…

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